Welcome to My personal site Foxylisa.com
A little about me and my little adventures here on the internet. I love to take my photos in beautiful surroundings.
I Love the great outdoors and playing in public ! :) I`m a real amateur exhibitionist, I`m sure you will enjoy my naughty, sexy adventures.

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sexy amateur, foxylisa

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A Member`s View of me :)

Yes Lisa I do believe that you and Betty Grable have the same flirtatious, cute sexiness that make males look at you in lust. How else to describe the lovely blue eyes that just seem to invite men tolook directly into them, the bright red lips that are so kissable and bring forth thoughts of fantastic oral sex, that smile says lets do it, and do it good. That's the outward looks that are Lisa, sexy, teasing and holding out the promise of a good time. Then we get to the underneath the sexy clothing and find a pair of super boobs, a lovely smooth tummy with a cute pierced belly button, then on down to one of the sweetest looking pussy ever seen on a woman and your bum is with out a doubt a great ass-et and is so perfect, legs that are classic, your womanly body needs to be as accessible to view as possible. Womanly Wet and Wonderful, that`s Lisa, keep it up you are so lovely to see and admire, oh yes wet is nice.....

I just love dressing up in little short skirts and stockings and being playful..... I do enjoy showing off my legs, adorned with FF stockings, fishnets and high heels! suspender belts , nylons, role play and sexy outfits feature in all my photo sets and video clips. I love to have fun communicating with you through my pictures and am quite flirtatious and enjoy every aspect of the classic pinup tease . My settings are in public places, hay fields, cars, motorbikes, clifftops, beaches, sunsets, old buildings and indoors as well if the weather does`t play ball! So please join me in my foxy den if you like what you see to support my sexy adventures here on the net. Look forward to seeing you in there. Lisa xxx


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